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What To Do If My Air Conditioner’s Refrigerant Line Is Covered In Ice?

When you’re expecting to relax in your home after an extremely hot day of work, and you find your air conditioning unit to be ‘frozen’, it is bound to get stressful.

When your air conditioning unit freezes up, you must understand that it needs a repair, or the condition may get even worse. This is why you should start looking for AC repair in Mesquite, TX

Checking The AC’s Refrigerant Line Yourself

Before calling the professionals, you can always try and see if the problem is minuscule enough to be solved independently. This may help you save time and be cost-effective to your pockets, too. 

If you don’t want to waste time and call in a professional HVAC technician. Here are some easy steps you can follow to check your air conditioning unit’s refrigerant line:

Start By Thawing Your Unit

To thaw your air conditioning unit, turn off your air conditioning unit first, and turn the fan setting ‘ON’ in your air conditioning unit. Then, follow a waiting period of two to three hours. Utilizing your air conditioning unit when the system is brittle will only cause extensive damage to your air conditioning unit and increase your expenses. 

So, it is best to simply wait or call in professions for an air conditioning service in Mesquite.

Understand Why The Refrigerant Line Has Frozen

If your refrigerant line has frozen, chances that your evaporator coil that is installed indoors has also frozen are very high. The refrigerant is placed in the evaporator coil. It is a liquid or gaseous substance that absorbs the heat from the warm air in the room. 

When the refrigerant turns too cold, this moisture in the air in the room freezes, the refrigerant in your air conditioning unit may get cold either due to low airflow over the coil or low amounts of refrigerants.

Check For Any Blockages

Check for any blockages in your air filter. In case there is any blockage of dirt, you can easily clean or replace them by yourself. Open the supply vents to blow any air out and unblock the return vents, which suck the air. These vents can be blocked by furniture.

Check The Refrigerant

If your air conditioning unit has low levels of refrigerant, the chances of leakage are very high. Early signs of leakage are cold air not coming out of the vents, higher energy consumption, and noises from your AC system. The best option is to look for AC repair in Mesquite, TX.

Keep In Mind The Necessary Don’ts

When you feel like your AC needs a hand, do not continue operating it. Don’t try removing the ice on the refrigerant by yourself, and don’t try to replace the refrigerant on your own.

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