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Residential HVAC – Improving AC Efficiency With An Air Conditioning Service

The average lifespan of an AC is around 15 years, but many ACs fail to live that long due to a lack of proper maintenance and care. Residential HVACs require regular servicing and tune-ups to remain efficient for long. Yet, homeowners ignore this aspect because they feel it leads to unnecessary costs. But, in doing so, they end up paying more. 

AC are indispensable in the summers, which can lead to high energy bills. An efficient AC can help in reducing electricity costs and maintain a healthy lifespan, thereby costing less in the long run. Here are a few ways you can improve AC efficiency with an air conditioning service. 

Draw the blinds

UV rays cause your house to heat up. If you draw the curtains during the day, the AC will not have to burden itself working to cool off the heat absorbed from outside. This improves the air conditioner’s efficiency. Moreover, it also keeps your house cool during the daytime. 

Clean the vents 

It is important to ensure that the AC vents are free from debris. If these vents get blocked, they won’t be able to distribute cold air properly through your house. Search for an air conditioning service in Mesquite that will provide a professional clean-up to the AC vents and ducts to improve your AC’s efficiency.

Replace your filter

Air filters need to be changed regularly to ensure optimum airflow to your AC. Clogged filters exert the AC more which in turn decreases its efficiency. An AC service in Mesquite, TX, can replace the filters. 

It improves AC’s efficiency and air quality, which can be beneficial for people with respiratory issues. 

Invest in a programmable thermostat and zoning control system

The thermostat temperatures should be set to 68°F during winter and 78°F in the summer to decrease energy bills. Investing in a programmable thermostat helps in auto-adjusting the temperatures. 

You can also invest in a zoning system to improve efficiency. An air conditioning service in Mesquite can help install these. This system modulates the air supply in your house, blocking air from certain rooms and distributing it to another. 

Heat Proof Your Ductwork 

Any air conditioning service in Mesquite will tell you that exposed ducts should be insulated. Cool air runs through those ducts, and exposed ducts make it easier for them to get warmed. This makes for inefficient cooling. 

Reduce Usage Of Heat-Generating Devices At Daytime

Heat-generating devices add to the overall heat energy in the house, which has to be conditioned by your AC. This puts a strain on the system, making it toil harder and reducing its efficiency 

Any good AC service in Mesquite, TX, can guide you regarding the usage of heat-generating devices like ovens during the daytime.

 Construct a shade over the outdoor unit 

Consider building a shade over the outdoor unit to safeguard it from the harsh sun. Additionally, you should also clear the clutter around your outdoor unit by calling professionals from AC Repair in Mesquite, TX, who can do the work with caution and expertise. 

For a reliable air conditioning service in Mesquite, you can hire experts from Pretty Cool A/C heating and refrigeration to help you with installing, repairing, and maintaining your AC and its complementary units. Call (972) 825-2152 today to help your AC work better.


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