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How Old Is Your AC Unit? Here’s How To Tell

In the summertime, AC units usually work extra hours. These systems operate all day long to guarantee a pleasant life for each family when temperatures climb. But it may be time to substitute the whole system if your machine is beginning to have difficulties. 

One issue that contributes to the replacement of a unit is the age of your existing unit. Unfortunately, its exterior look won’t generally determine the age of your AC unit. 

You can know the things that will tell you the age of your AC and if you’ve already decided on a new AC, then look for AC installation in Mesquite.


Most AC systems are fitted with a label on the exterior body of the system. This label contains key information, like the brand, version, model, and serial number. Sometimes the date it was made can also be included. The age of your AC is determined in most units by looking at the first 4 serial number numbers.

Although this is not usually the most exact indication of your unit age, you may be closest to a certain age. The reason is that the date that your system was built is closely matched with the installation date. In most cases, a unit would not sit in the warehouse for months before the installation. After it is built, it is sent on to the contractor who installs it in a week. If you need to get a new AC, look for AC installation in Mesquite. 

Paperwork during installation

Another method to identify AC’s age is to check for documents you received after completing the installation. Since we live in the digital age, if you don’t know where the documents are in your home, it is understandable. Unfortunately, most clients store these documents away, but they tend to lose out during transfers or relocations. 

A copy of these forms can be found by contacting the provider that has installed your AC equipment. Any trustworthy HVAC company will record such documents, whether in a file or online. If you need servicing of your AC, you can look for AC service in Mesquite, TX.

Researching online

For many of us, regular AC maintenance is not an option or sometimes not required. So, it is possible that you do not recall the name of the HVAC company you first contracted. If this is the case, please refer to your system for finding the nameplate or label. 

Once you’ve located your unit’s name and model number, it is time to start researching online. Running your unit’s name into a search engine can help you better track your system’s age. However, you should know that not all websites will provide you with correct information. So you must contact the HVAC professionals in such a case.

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