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Common Air Conditioning Issues that Require Repairs

While owning an AC is one of the best ways to combat the summer heat, many issues can arise, especially if the system has not received a proper AC service in Mesquite, TX

These services ensure that the system is in running condition and that all parts are in good condition. Without regular AC service, there is a high chance for a person to need frequent AC repairs.

AC Issues That Need Repairs

These are some of the common air conditioning problems that often arise and need constant repairs.

Refrigerant leaks

During an AC service in mesquite TX, technicians always ensure that the system’s refrigerant is above the required level. However, the system can develop a leak. This is used due to a chemical reaction that occurs within the refrigerant pipe. 

If you notice liquid pooling around your system, switch it off and call for a repair. While water leaks may not be harmful, refrigerant leaks are hazardous if not handled properly.

Weird noises and smells

These are among the most common problems that an air conditioner faces that suggest an internal problem. Weird noises often signify that parts within the systems have either come loose or are scratching against each other. 

This can damage the system unless seen to. Foul odors like moldy or burning smells suggest that mold grows within the system or some wires are burning.

Imbalance in temperature

A temperature imbalance is often due to a restriction in the system’s airflow. During an AC installation in Mesquite, the system is equipped with new filters required to be changed regularly. If not, it can cause a build-up of dirt and pollen, which prevents proper airflow. 

This causes hot spots to appear in the room where the system has been switched on. In this case, an ac repair is needed to unclog the system and check if there are any other damages.

Air conditioner not switching on

There are times when your ac refuses to turn on. This is often due to issues with the thermostat. There is either faulty wiring or the thermostat’s batteries are dead. 

If the system still refuses to switch on even after repairing the thermostat, then the next possibility is that the circuit breaker has tripped. Rather than attempt to fix this issue yourself, it is better to call for an expert to fix it properly.

Drainage problems

 Excess moisture that forms within an AC unit is required to drain into the condensate pan. However, if the pan is not emptied regularly, it can overflow, causing water to leak out of the system. It is also equally important to better the drainage line is cleaned regularly. 

This prevents it from being clogged with dust and pollen, which could cause mold and mildew to grow. This would require an ac repair to ensure that there is no further damage to the system.

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