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Pretty Cool AC Heating & Refrigeration Inc is ready to tackle any air conditioner repair or maintenance need. Our team of factory-trained, skilled, and dedicated AC technicians is equipped to provide repair on any make or model of air conditioner.

Want to protect your investment in home comfort? Join our maintenance plan and we will service your air conditioner every spring to make sure it's ready to keep your home cool through our scorching summers.

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Pretty Cool AC is your local Mesquite, TX AC system service specialist. Contact us when you need any air conditioning repair and maintenance.

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Providing AC Repair in Your Community

Pretty Cool AC Heating & Refrigeration is your Mesquite, TX air conditioner repair specialist. We have years of experience repairing all makes and models of air conditioners. No matter what is ailing your AC unit, our technicians can get to the bottom of it and correct the issue. Watch for these common signs that you need AC service:

Installation Issues

  • Improper Equipment Sizing: Bigger isn't better when it comes to cooling equipment. Rooms are too hot or too cold. System short cycling without proper dehumidification.
  • Improper Ductwork: If duct systems are not properly sized areas can be overcooled leaving other rooms that are too hot.
  • Condensate Problems: Water accumulating below your air handler
  • Refrigerant Leaks: Air conditioning is not turning on or not cooling
  • Thermostat not working properly: Improper programming or wiring problems

Deferred Maintenance Issues

  • Dirty Filters, Obstructed Indoor Coil, or Obstructed Grill or Registers: Indoor coil or refrigerant lines covered with heavy frost or ice.
  • Obstructed or Clogged Outdoor Coils: Lower system capacity and not cooling properly.

Age-Related Component Failures

  • Breaker Trips: The breaker to the outdoor has unit tripped more than once potentially indicating improper wiring or potential compressor, fan motor, or capacitor issues.
  • Fan or Blower Motors: A persistent vibration or odd noise with the outdoor or indoor unit
  • Unusual Odors: Near the outdoor unit, or coming from the ductwork outlets.
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Air Conditioner Maintenance

Every piece of machinery requires maintenance to continue operating efficiently and reliably and your AC unit is no different. If you haven't had an air conditioner maintenance visit for a couple of years you're due for one! Save money by protecting your investment in home comfort rather than just being reactive when your unit stops operating. Our team of maintenance experts will thoroughly go through your AC systems components and operating cycle to ensure that it is ready to keep your family cool all summer. Our routine AC maintenance visits include:

  • Cleaning the condenser coil
  • Checking the amps on all parts
  • Blowing the drain lines
  • Checking the filters
  • Checking indoor blower amps
  • Checking the temperature split

AC Installations and Replacements

As your air conditioner ages, if it is not maintained properly, will require more frequent repairs, and eventually, it will become more cost-effective to replace your old unit rather than relying on an inefficient and unreliable AC.

If you're looking for a new air conditioning system Pretty Cool AC Heating & Refrigeration is your local Mesquite installation specialist. Click the button below to view the air conditioners we carry and find the right fit for your home!

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